Can the Duggars just go away???

These people totally amaze me.  For my international fans, there is a TV show here in the US about a woman who has had 19 children.  She’s perpetually pregnant, kind of like a cow.  The show is “19 kids and Counting”.  Well, one of their litter molested four of his siblings when he was a teenager. He is now about 27.  The parents, being the God-fearing assholes that they are never bothered to report the abuse.  Now the statute of limitations has run out, and nothing can be done.

These people have blamed everyone except their own kid.  “Well, he only touched the kids over their clothes”,  And “God has forgiven him.”  Try telling that to the one kid you molested that wasn’t your sibling. I guess that makes it okay. Um, no.  Did I mention these people are incredibly religious, and hypocrites as well.

I so hope their stupid show gets cancelled.

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