Tips For Excessive Dry Skin

Great info for dry skin!

The Surgeon's Scrubroom

Probably the most frequent contributors to dry skin are skin irritants, particularly those that can be found around the house. Cleaning products, detergents, air fresheners, and floor and furniture polishes can strip the skin of its protective moisture, leaving it dry and lifeless. To protect your skin from unnecessary exposure, here are tips you can try:

Wear Gloves

Use rubber gloves when washing dishes, doing the laundry or scrubbing the floor. Gloves don’t only protect your skin from harmful chemicals, they also provide a physical barrier between you and dirt, grime, dust and germs.

Apply Moisturizer After a Dip

Swimming pools are treated with chlorine, a chemical that is known to be effective in minimizing microorganisms in the water and removing odors. It is also notorious for causing dry skin, hence the parched, rough texture of your skin after a good swim. To minimize the effects of chlorine, rinse off…

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